How to use Instagram Properly – Deep Guide

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Here are a couple of quick tips for using Instagram properly.

1. How to Setup:

Number one is how to get it set up. There are two kinds of accounts on Instagram. What people call a personal account or Business account a personal account is with your name like a Ryan Bronson. You need to decide is your business about you or it should be the business. Because a business account is on your business name, let say if you have a restaurant, at your restaurant name.

Some restaurants want to open up an account under the restaurant name because they’re a restaurant as well branded and known in the community as their restaurant. Other restaurant owners if you’re a little bit of a celebrity in your town you’re probably going to want to do an account to know you and not necessarily a restaurant. Because peoples are going to be more interested in you and what you’re doing than what your restaurants are doing. You still have restaurant post.

Let me break this a little further like a real estate agent. When they make an account with the name of where they’re hanging their license, they will do add an account under their own name, but a retail shop would do an account under the name of the retail shop.

Setup Bio:

So first you have to decide is it going to be you or your business. Then you need to set up a bio. You need to decide a bio. So once you have your account setup. You have to do a bio because it’s kind of creepy. They will be going to like you, or follow you.

Post with Hashtags:

And then you need to get your hashtag on. You need to be sending out a couple of posts using hashtags properly.

Let’s assume you’re a restaurant in Los Angeles and you took a picture at your restaurant of a shrimp dish. So you would want to do like #restaurant #Los Angeles maybe where are you are you West LA like #West LA. In this places, you can find popular hashtags.

Then maybe a couple of cute pics like #delicious #foodborne is kind of a popular one, #amazing. Whatever it was fun but you have to send out a hashtag that is relevant.

If you’re a local restaurant just doing a picture of food and doing #foodborne or #delicious. Followers in NY don’t care about that. You have to #LA or #westLA. So someone in WestLA is cruising around Instagram, They might see that picture too well that looks delicious. Then they come to your Instagram page and they follow you. Now you can communicate with them.

Get Starting Followers:

Before you start getting organic followers, you can do 1 thing that is buying some followers. So whenever someone will check your profile, he will be getting in his mind that he/she is famous so I should follow you so you can buy real active Instagram followers from different marketing companies to get started.


So in this just kind of a quick start for you. I want to express to you how important Instagram is right now. You have to be on this platform it’s about to take off. You have 3 to 6 months to fuel up this Instagram platform which will rocket ship for your business.

You need to be on Instagram right now you need to master it.

How to Switch to a Instagram Business Profile

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I want to show you how to switch your Instagram account from a personal account to a business profile. I want to show you how to do it because I feel like a lot of people still don’t know that it exists.

It’s a kind of cool feature that offers some benefits. So let’s jump in I’m going to show you how to switch over and then afterward I’ll explain why this might be a good option for you. So what you have to do, you have to go to your Instagram app. Then to go to your little home screen and then see the little wheel at the top right corner you want to click on that and you can see all these different setting options. Scroll down to switch to business profile and click that. If you want you can view the features and some different options you have with a business profile. But what you’re going to do if you’re going to click the ‘continue’ as your name. So what that will take you to this page where you can connect your Facebook page. Now you do have to have a Facebook business page to have a business profile on Instagram. So if you don’t have a business page, this isn’t going to work but as you can see I managed several different pages.


So I’m going to click my business page. So select that hit next, and you’re going to need to put in your information here. So let’s do that and you should be good to go you just hit done. I am now set up with a business Instagram account.

instagram business accountinstagram marketing


So you’ll see that you’ll get a couple of extra features if you go this route. I now have a contact button at the top of my Instagram. So people who are following me, now have additional ways that they can reach out to me. So that’s great if you are a business owner. You can see little bars up next to the settings wheel. So that is going to give me insides on my post I just updated this. So there you will find a lot of information. It’s going to tell me my impressions, what my top posts are, it also tells me when my followers are online most often.

So that’ll help me optimize my posting schedule and make sure that more eyeballs are getting on what I am sharing and hopefully, that’ll help you reach more people which obviously the goal.

3 Ninja Instagram Tips to Become Famous

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Today, I want to talk to you about Instagram. Everyone loves to have followers so let’s talk about it. I have around hundred thirty thousand followers on Instagram, and I thought because I noticed there are some easy to grow Instagram. So if you use just my following tips and implement, then I am telling you can get hundreds of followers too. And the best thing is they will be highly targeted to your business or passion. So without doing further, late let’s begin.

Always Be Active

The most important thing is to be asked if you want to build a community so like on other people pictures from and so be sure and leave some kind messages around those Instagram.
Keep interacting with the other people photos so then can have a good & nice image about you. As someone said ”If you want something from others then just give them exact what you want”. If you are busy and can’t do this activity yourself you can hire companies to that for you, what you have to do is just take Instagram likes free trial from the company test them and then order them for your order.

Follow other people

This is also a very important to follow other people don’t be too bothered about the number of individuals that you’re following. It shouldn’t be all under a thousand or under 500 just be social. If you like someone and you get to know people just give them a fellow and if you meet on a blood or other Instagrammer is pretty important for you and like your pics. Because if people with the high following like your fix they’re more likely to get on the explore page to their followers, so you reach a whole new idea. If you like a person by not follow it if you like them and see them once and you followed on Instagram, you can keep a connection with them throughout the weeks. And we see them at the next event you might ask them to take picture with you and post on Instagram may be well, and that’s how they’re all the and see if you get your name

Post on Frequent Timing

If you post a lot if you post 1 time a week it’s not going to get you a lot of followers. So what you have to do is post at least once a day. Because when you post your picture comes today for page and people like it’s and if people like it there for the recipes in there a tip the more you post more pictures but of course make sure you so I would say at least once and if you can do more than once. (more…)